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Bag Lifters

Bag Lifters Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur eu leo dignissim nulla consectetur volutpat non nec ante. Curabitur cursus eros suscipit, aliquam sapien eget, porttitor nisi. Maecenas ac malesuada dolor. Quisque finibus purus eu pretium lobortis. Duis…
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Dry Pea Harvesters

Dry Pea Harvesters Harvesting peas in the past has been a costly headache especially when the crop is flat and damp. Now the Sund Raking Pickup makes harvesting easier and less expensive The peas are picked straight from the field…
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Drill Fillers

Drill Fillers Ideal for both seed and fertiliser, this hydraulically driven quickly attached auger provides the solution to filling drills in the field from a bulk trailer source. With a one-pin quick release mounting it’s on or off in a…
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Cultivators Rekord have experience of manufacturing and selling tined cultivation equipment over a period of 40 years. We currently manufacture our own range of fixed and spring tined equipment and market in the UK rotary cultivators and power harrows made…
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